Thank you for your support and kindness at Werndale. I am now awaiting my new glasses and will then be able to drive. Please extend my appreciation to all members of your team who also showed such generosity of spirit.

I was fortunate to have my treatment at Werndale and to have you, Mr Jones, to carry out this delicate procedure. I am quite amazed at the difference in my eyesight. Thank you most sincerely.

You said the new lens was equivalent to a twenty-one-year old’s sight. When I was twenty one I had glasses for short sight–so I am now better off than I was then!

Maldives wonderful. Snorkelling is so amazing. I am so glad I had this cataract operation before coming. Thank you!

The information you and the staff gave me beforehand eliminated any qualms.

You never made me feel that I was wasting your time, or being stupid, or worrying unnecessarily as is so often the case. Thank you for that and everything.

I am so elated. If anything, I am ashamed at having been so scared at the time. No redness or swelling afterwards friends asked me ‘when was the op going to take place?